Sorry for the delay :[

Slowly things are starting to come around on here. We weren’t thinking of starting this blog at such a slow pace but then things like school and work started to interrupt us. And now we have to worry about finals, there just isn’t enough time in the day for us to fit everything in :[

(A typical Divina day for the past two weeks)

.Wake up and get ready for school

.Suffer at school for about 5 hours

.Get home and think about fixing up some food to eat but gets distracted by anime, new manga release, or drama episode

.After an hour or so she realizes that she needs to eat so down to the kitchen she goes 

.Heads to laptop to study


.Study more



After the end of next week (end of finals and the start of the wonderful winter break) hopefully we’ll be able to pick up the speed on here. Goodness… I just realized how this schedule thing makes it seem like I have no life. I’m not that bad, I do go outside and bask in the sun once in a while alright! LOL! Or maybe I should say the cold winter weather since it has been unbearably FREEZING lately, but that’s okay because I’m welcoming the winter season with open arms.

*Extends arms out* COME AT ME COLD!


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