I feel left out

I feel like I should post something here toos…
Ah yes introduction time!

Hello everyone~
This is Vilma… basically this place is still in the works but once its done its ganna be crazy~ Ah school is killing me right now. Basically I’m at finals week so school is owning my butt at the moment. I still have one more essay to write but I will do that tomorrow. Work has been good to me this week, only working 3 days a week which gives me plenty of time to study and watch dramas o.o and read manga ^^;;; trust me I’m one busy girl…. at times o.o

Anyways, I have a few posts ready to go after school is done with. Well I should go because 1. it is late where I am at, 2. I am sleepy as heck, 3. well there isn’t a 3rd one.. I just didn’t want it to be 2 points.

*sighs* studying will just have to wait~ Until then please wait for it =3


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