Why the Evolution of Keep Your Head Down?

Why? (Keep Your Head Down)/ DBSK (Homin)

To start things off, yes the two of us are TVXQ/ DBSK/ DBSG/ TVfXQ fans and no we won’t dish out at you for every bad thing we hear about any of the boys. But when it comes to the point where things get ridiculous pertaining to them we post here, partially our reason for starting up this dandy blog thing ūüėÄ

Luckily today isn’t one of those bad rant days, I’m just here to say a few things after I heard the audio release of TVXQ’s (HoMin) “Keep Your Head Down”. After hearing this song it dawned on me how long it has been since we’ve heard from these boys. Changmin’s power house vocals and Yunho’s charismatic rapping, I missed it all. The two Dong Bang boys that have been missing during the JYJ debut period has returned to the KPOP media scene. About their song… what can I say, I like it. Right when I finished it I knew that there would be a number of people out there that wouldn’t be satisfied with the ending product because this was obviously something different coming from the name of TVXQ. But personally as I listened to the number a smile of gratifying pride covered my face.

Homin has done a good job pulling together a great piece with their voices alone. Not a drop of autotune was pushed into any of the ¬†two’s voices during their respected parts in the song, and that I am truly¬†grateful¬†for. The overuse of that technological trait was not needed to cover up the talent of these guys. Hearing about HoMin’s comeback a month or so ago I was a bit skeptical seeing as the group didn’t have the usual scale of voices that appealed to my ears for the past what is now 7 years. But today, after listening to the 3 minutes and 59 seconds song I can honestly say that my opinion has now solidly changed. ¬†My anticipation for this album is for it to show everyone that, yes three of the group’s main vocals are not participating in any activities together as the famous five at the moment but the two that do remain can still hold up the growing legendary name that is TVXQ.

Infinite’s Evolution

Why don’t I have the cover for the new mini album up on the banner above you ask? That’s because I couldn’t find a nice high quality version of the darn thing and I lack the patience to search to the ends of the Earth to find it ^^;

Anyway, so who’s psyched for Infinite’s return cause I know I sure as hell am! My knowledge on them isn’t the greatest but I try to follow up on this group to the best of my ability because these are guys that deserve the center spotlight in the music industry. To me 2010 was the year of rookie groups, so many debuted that I couldn’t keep up with Kpop as well as I used to be able to. And being the person that I am I ¬†give everyone new group that I hear about a try seeing if they can fall under as one of my favorites. But with every group I listened to or watched perform there was always an element missing and I was slowly starting to lose hope in new incoming rookies.

Then suddenly there were news and rumors about the famous hip hop trio, Epik High, taking a boy group under their wing. Not only was I syced and excited beyond reason but I was curious as to what type of group these boys would turn out to be since they were under the teachings of one of the country’s most controversial but greatest artists (and one of my favorites as well). Over the past few years as I listened to Epik High and updated myself with news about them the trio has never failed me with their great compositions and I was expecting this group to be just as amazing as their sunbaes. And they were. My goodness, my reaction when I watched their debut stage was beyond surprised, I was effin speechless. Their performance projected a charismatic vibe that hasn’t been displayed on stage for quite some time . The sharp dance moves, nicely harmonized NON-AUTOTUNED voices, they gave me back hope in in the music industry. Amongst all of their good qualities the one thing that showed me that Infinite wasn’t a group to just throw over to the side and forget about was their incredible synchronization during the dance choreography for any of their performed songs. All seven of them are in sync with every move, snap, clap, flick, kick, WHATEVER! Not a single member has a hair out of formation.

Before I go off on an endless rant I’ll try to end this madness off soon.

The last thing that I would like to say is that Infinite is a group filled with members that have trained long and hard for their debut and it shows immensely in their stage performances. Hopefully with their upcoming second mini album and its promotions my thoughts of them will be shared with others who have overlooked them and Infinite will gain the credit they deserve.


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