Kpop Talents.

Rant time.

A little while ago while looking at a website, I found a picture that really pissed me off. The words that hit me the most were “You want real talent? Then get the Fuck out of Kpop”. Now when I read this, I wanted to hit the person because in that picture there were loads of singers that COULD sing/dance and rap… Talent that this person obviously couldn’t see. Now I am not saying no one is allowed to speak their minds, I am all for freedom of speech but if you don’t know anything then please, shut up.

All the groups/singers in the Kpop world HAVE talent. It doesn’t matter where it is but it’s there. May it be dancing, rapping or just singing it’s there. Why else would companies sign them in and have them debut. Why else would they have fans?  If you don’t like it then YOU GTFO. It’s not rocket science, it is called common sense.

Before you go and say “whatever, you don’t know what real talent is” go do your research. Because all the artist I have heard so far are amazing. May it be live concerts, programs, tv shows, heck even dramas and then talk to me. Then you can tell me to “Get the fuck out of Kpop”.

One Response to “Kpop Talents.”
  1. Cyber Berita says:

    nice post…thx for sharing 😀

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