Infinite – Before The Dawn


“Because I listen to my heart beat one by one”


I’ll make this post short because I can’t stay on the computer for long (if I do I’ll end up face down on the key board dead asleep, yep I’m that tired). I meant to say something about this earlier to prevent me having to rush something out but for some reason I thought about it… but I never pulled through in actually doing the deed. Anyways I can’t wait for their comeback (as stated before) and after watching this MV I’m even more anxious for their return! One thing that I would like to ask and/ or point out is the ending… what was that all about. Well actually whats this whole MV about ^^;  I’m guessing things would be more clearer if I read the lyrics or something but since I haven’t done so yet I’m kinda lost on the concept of the whole thing.  The fighting happening in the video is pretty darn convincing though. If I didn’t know any better, those two members seem to hold a grudge against each other.  Hahaha I kid I kid! We all know the boys of Infinite love one another like brothers (well… at least I hope so hehe)!

And I curse myself for constantly mistaking the title of this song for “Breaking the Dawn” DAMN YOU TWILIGHT FOR TARNISHING MY MIND! Oh how I loathe that series… (hyphen underscore hyphen)



Until next time!


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