This is just a warning post. Not an actual post but you know, just a warning of what might come out of me (Vilma). Recently I have noticed (actually more like a year ago) a lot of fanwars, a lot of negative comments towards idols and a lot of people saying things that… really shouldn’t be said at all.

Now, I know that sometimes we as fangirls of Kpop (yep its a kpop post) let our emotions get the best of us. Not only that BUT we tend to let our biases get the best of us too. Which in MY (I have caps it because I want it to be known that it is my idea and no one else’s. As in I don’t know if Divina feels the same way or anyone else who reads this) opinion is not right. Now before anyone starts shouting at me and saying all these things PLEASE wait until the REAL post is made (because I am working on it as I type this). I honestly have no idea how long my future post will be or how many parts it will take to finally express what I am feeling and what needs to be said. I want you all to take it as a grain of salt and read it until you finally realize what I have been trying to say.

Before anyone starts to say anything else, I am going to let it be know that I am a full on Cassie. I have been a Cassie since 2007. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see my boys (TVXQ/DBSK/THSK/TVfXQ) perform at the Korean Music Festival in 2008. I am also a B2UTY, Shawol, A+, VIP and so much more. The reason why I say this is because I do not want ANYONE saying I am an anti fan. I have NO reason or desire to become one. I think it is stupid and point less to be one (yeah… thats right I am giving you guys hints of what will come of my posts).

Now with that being said and done. I will return to my very long post/rant. I hope to have this done before the end of this week. Until then, everyone have a great day or a good night depending on where you are in this world.


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