We’re Not Dead!

But nearly there due to finals and such. That’s good news though! Cause finals means vacation is almost here for us :] Anyways this is just a short update to say that currently I’m posting up fancams that was taken during our adventure to the Korean Music Festival held in California at the Hollywood Bowl. … Continue reading

Short Update

Once again things have gotten slow since the spring semester just started for me and Vilma. I promise I’ll try my best to post up things, and I’m sure Vilma does too! I have a couple of things I would like to talk about (or more like review haha). So this won’t be the last … Continue reading

Infinite – Before The Dawn Lyrics (Romanization and Translation)

Hey everyone! Well since it seems like those of you that ended up on this blog on previous days were looking for Infinite lyrics so here it is. I was able to find romanized and translated lyrics (taken from jktasian)     Romanized (credits to bbiribbomie at jktasian) Because I listen to my heart beat one … Continue reading

Infinite – Before The Dawn

  “Because I listen to my heart beat one by one”   I’ll make this post short because I can’t stay on the computer for long (if I do I’ll end up face down on the key board dead asleep, yep I’m that tired). I meant to say something about this earlier to prevent me … Continue reading

“Light’s So Bright!”

(credits to KoreabooTV on YT) Why am I posting up this video? Watch the darn clip and everything will be explained. “Thas right! Thas right man!” “WOW CHANCE!” “Light’s so bright!” And thats why the two of us love BEAST :]

Why the Evolution of Keep Your Head Down?

Why? (Keep Your Head Down)/ DBSK (Homin) To start things off, yes the two of us are TVXQ/ DBSK/ DBSG/ TVfXQ fans and no we won’t dish out at you for every bad thing we hear about any of the boys. But when it comes to the point where things get ridiculous pertaining to them … Continue reading

Sorry for the delay :[

Slowly things are starting to come around on here. We weren’t thinking of starting this blog at such a slow pace but then things like school and work started to interrupt us. And now we have to worry about finals, there just isn’t enough time in the day for us to fit everything in :[ … Continue reading