This is just a warning post. Not an actual post but you know, just a warning of what might come out of me (Vilma). Recently I have noticed (actually more like a year ago) a lot of fanwars, a lot of┬ánegative┬ácomments towards idols and a lot of people saying things that… really shouldn’t be said … Continue reading

Kpop Talents.

Rant time. A little while ago while looking at a website, I found a picture that really pissed me off. The words that hit me the most were “You want real talent? Then get the Fuck out of Kpop”. Now when I read this, I wanted to hit the person because in that picture there … Continue reading

I feel left out

I feel like I should post something here toos… Ah yes introduction time! Hello everyone~ This is Vilma… basically this place is still in the works but once its done its ganna be crazy~ Ah school is killing me right now. Basically I’m at finals week so school is owning my butt at the moment. … Continue reading